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Wednesday 27th January

9am - 9:10am: Timestables

These times tables answers are known as square numbers. A square number is the result when a number has been multiplied by itself. So if you drew the answer as an array for each one - they would become a square. See the picture below: 

1 x 1 

2 x 2 

3 x 3 

4 x 4 

5 x 5 

6 x 6 

7 x 7 

8 x 8 

9 x 9 

10 x 10 

11 x 11 

12 x 12 


1x1  2x2    3x3

Hello all, I know some have been finding the maths a little challenging. I have drawn some help sheets that should be able to help you understand multiplying 2-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers.


I have also included help sheets after today's video that should again explain how to do multiplications of 3-digit by 1-digit. One is the expanded method and one is the short method - both ways will create the same answer.


I have also included a times tables square to support you with your calculations. While you use this, learn your tables. 

9:10 - 9:55am: Multiply 3-digits by 1-digit

10am - 10:40am: Morning Zoom - SPaG

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Today's lesson - we are continuing our learning of fronted adverbial and why we use a comma after them: 

11am - 12pm: English 


In this lesson, we will analyse the opening scene of The BFG and generate vocabulary to describe the setting, what we can hear and what we can see. We will then think about how we feel when we watch the opening and how we can reflect this in our writing. For this lesson, you will need an exercise book or paper and a pencil.


Click the link below:

Additional Task for Roman Roads - Possibly a weekend task - Make a Roman Road with Food

Afternoon Zoom - 2:45pm

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