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Welcome to our LAST day of home learning!! 

You have made it, superstar!!! You did it!! 


This was so tricky and you've all been brilliant. Put this song on and give yourself a huge pat on the back. 

Queen - We Are The Champions


The Woman in the Silver Scarf

1. (Vocabulary) Define ‘icky’.

2. (Inference) Why will the girl never forget the castle?

3. (Predict) Predict what Brendan the Bully will do.

4. (Explain) How does this chapter make you feel about Ahmet? Why?

5. (Retrieve) Which country is Ahmet from?

6. (Summarise) Summarise the events of this chapter in fewer than thirty words.



Have a go at TTRS and get those times tables secure! 


English Lesson via Zoom- 10am


Meeting code: 724 757 6561

English Task

Today I would like you to do some research. On Monday we will create a double page spread all about Syria. 


Here are some websites that you can use: 

BBC Newsround

Kids Brittanica

Easy Science for Kids


Take notes and think about how you can organise your information on Monday- how will you split your research into separate sections? 


If you find any pictures you'd like to use, draw them in your notes so you can remember them on Monday- remember to bring your book next week so we can use this lovely work. 


Compare and order fractions less than 1

P.E. Challenge

Still image for this video

Afternoon Zoom- 2:45pm


Meeting code: 724 757 6561