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Monday 18th January 2021

Good Morning Everyone


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Well done on all your hard work last week. I hope all the work makes sense below but let me know if you need anything. 


Have a wonderful day

Mrs Bennett

9:00 - 9:30 - Phonics - 'g' (j)


Look through the PPT and watch the flash card video. 

There is also a Tricky Witch video to watch. 


Then, look at the different pictures and sort the words into the three different columns. This can just be written in your books as words. 

'g' (j) flash cards

g movie

9:30 - 10:00 - Morning Registration and Input

10:00 - 10:30 - English - Writing


Learning Objective: To be able to use adverbs and adjectives to describe character feelings. 


We are now going to write about the cat taking Plop to go and see the darkness and Plop now feeling excited about it. 


Provided Sentence: The cat took Plop up to the rooftops and they looked down over the sleeping town.


Sentence 1

Now close your eyes, make it dark and just listened to the calmness. What is the atmosphere like? Gather some vocabulary to describe it - quiet, tranquil, still, peaceful, calm, hushed...

Our first chunk is going to use repetition to emphasis how calm and peaceful it is. We are going to choose three words to describe the atmosphere and repeat our sentence adding one of our descriptions each time.


Here is mine: All was quiet. All was calm. All was still.


Sentence 2

Now I would like you to imagine you are Plop in this peaceful moment on the rooftops. How do you feel about the dark now?

no longer scared of the dark, night time is beautiful, it was silly to be afraid of the dark, you'll never worry about the dark again...


Here is my sentence: In that moment, Plop thought the darkness was absolutely wonderful. 


Sentence 3 

We are now going to gather some adverbs to describe how Plop is feeling now. How will he fly back to his parents? - eagerly, energetically, enthusiastically, quickly, confidently....

We also need some prepositions to describe where he is flying - past, over, above, through...


Plop is very excited now and is flying home to his nest to see his parents.


Here is my sentence: Excitedly, he flew back over the rooftops, above the fields and through the canopy to his parents. 


I hope all that makes sense with help from the video. Let me know if you need anything else.

English Monday 18th January 2021

10:45 - 11:15 - English - Reading


Learning Objective: To be able to retrieve and infer information from a text. 


Look at the PPT and listen to the first part of the story. Then answer the questions about the story so far. 

Some Dogs Do lesson 1

11:15 - 11:30 - KS1 Assembly with Mrs Houtari.

11:30 - 12:15 - Maths


Starter: Play interactive game below.


Learning Objective: To be able to make equal groups by sharing. 


We're going to do a little bit more work on sharing into equal groups today.



Spr2.3.2 - Make equal groups - sharing

This is "Spr2.3.2 - Make equal groups - sharing" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

1:20 - 2:15 - RE


Learning Objective: To know about the Gospels. 


The four Gospels are found in this second part of the Bible, the New Testament.    The Gospels tell the story of Jesus’ life on Earth, his birth, his teaching, the friends he called to help him and his Death and Resurrection.


There are four Gospels, each named after the person who is thought to have written it – Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.  The Gospel writers wrote for different reasons and different groups. 


Look through the different pictures and stories below.

God’s Story 2 pages 52-53 -  the stories depicted in the thought bubble pictures by each writer, those are the stories you find in that Gospel.   (Matthew – Visit of the Wise Men God’s Story 2 page 60, Mark – Jesus’ friends God’s Story 2 page 66, Luke – Zacchaeus God’s Story 2 page 71, John – The promise of the Spirit God’s Story 2 page 81.)




  1. How many Gospels are there?
  2. What are the names of the Gospels?
  3. How do the Gospels help us?


Choose your favourite story or Gospel that you have learnt about today and draw a picture of it/them. Label it with some key words or sentences to tell me all about it. 

Why is it your favourite? 



2:15 - 2:45 - Afternoon Registration and story

2:45 - 3:00 - Handwriting


Today's letter is the letter 'd'.

Learn to Write the Letter D | Pre-cursive Letter Formation

Learn to Write the Letter D | Pre-cursive Letter FormationThis video shows and explains the pre-cursive letter formation for the letter d. Cursive handwritin...