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Wednesday 24th February


Divide by 8

Watch the clip, pausing the video to answer the questions. Then, answer the question sheet below in your book.

Remember to use small objects from around the house to help you such as buttons, pegs or even dry pasta.

Grammar, punctuation and spelling


1.30pm Science Zoom with Mrs Martin


Today we are learning about skeletons

What is a skeleton?


What is the skeletons function?

Function is another word for Job


Many animals have skeletons to support and protect their body and to help it move.


We are going to be super scientists and use evidence to answer the question - Whose skeleton?

Look at the pictures of different skeletons.

Look at the x-ray images on the PowerPoint.


Challenge: Draw a map of the bones in your hand.

Draw carefully around your hand with a pencil. Carefully examine your hand and draw a map of the bones.

Remember joints help the skeleton/fingers to bend.


Write a sentence to explain the function (job) of the bones in your hand.

The job of the bones in my hand is to _______ and ____ __ __ ____.