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Good Morning! 


Welcome to your first day of learning from home. Here is a timetable to help you with your day:



I would like you to complete all of your work today neatly in your orange home learning books. Please write the date: Wednesday 6th January 2021 and underline it. For each new subject, write the subject as a title and underline it. Your book should look just as beautiful as your work you do at school. 




Please choose to complete bronze, silver or gold. Set the timer below and try to complete as many as you can in 10 minutes. Once you have finished, click on the link below to find the answers and mark your work. 





Today you are learning about perimeter on a grid. Please watch the video below and then complete the worksheet. 


I know we normally work on the worksheet, but can you write the question number in your margin and then complete the work in your book? Leave out number 3 and 5- you need squared paper in order to complete this. 


Allow yourself 40 minutes to watch the video and complete the questions, don't worry if you don't finish them all. Once you have finished, take the last 10 minutes to check your answers and mark your work. 


It's really important that you are honest when checking your work, I need to see if you have understood or not. Remember, you are never in trouble for struggling! 

Perimeter on a grid

Zoom Meeting- 10AM


Click here to join the zoom meeting or open zoom and use the details below: 


Meeting ID: 948 7539 2614
Passcode: abc



1. What phrases on Page 3 show that the pilot isn’t well?

2. Summarise this chapter in ten words or less.

3. Write the next 200 words of the story- use figurative language (metaphors, similes, personification) to create imagery.


Chapter 1: Flight



Please log onto lbq and complete the task I have set. Task 1 is suitable for most of you, if you struggle with reading or find it too hard I have set a slightly easier one that you can try instead under task 2. Good Luck!







Can you research the different layers of the rainforest? Click here for a website to help you in your research. 


Can you create a beautiful diagram in your book? Draw the rainforest and label the different layers, including information about each one. 

Last Zoom Meeting- 2:45 PM


Click here to join the last zoom meeting of the day or open zoom and use the log in below:


Meeting ID: 922 1874 2942
Passcode: abc