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Day 1


Session 1- Even & Odd

Please watch the video lesson and complete the activity. 

Take photographs of your work and upload to EExAT through your parent account.


Please read the e-book "Pop in a pot":

Your child can read the large writing, whilst an adult reads the more complex sentences at the bottom of the page to give further context.

Please record your reading inside your childs reading record.


This week we will be learning a range of CVC+ words using our Phase 3 sounds.

Please read the ebook document below "The Enormous Turnip"

Your child can read the cream-coloured boxes, and an adult can read the more detailed sentences at the bottom of the page.

Phonics activity: Please make your own flashcards of the words on the last page.

You can use any media you want to; paint, pens, pencil, crayon, even writing in playdough or salt and taking a picture. Please take 1 photo of all your flashcards together and upload it to EExAT with a caption about your child's level of independence.



Please listen to the Bog Baby story linked below.

The girls in the story loved the Bog Baby SO much. What do you love?

Please draw a picture of what you love; this could be your pet, your favourite toy or your family. Please write a simple sentence about what you have drawn, using your sound mat and tricky word mat (both linked below).

The Bog Baby by Jeanne Willis

'The Bog Baby' story read by Learning with Miss Ridley

Optional Afternoon Activities

  • Make your own recycled Bog Baby using things around your house. You could use cardboard boxes, toilet roll tubes, even pasta or tin foil- anything you have available! Listen to the story again to remember how he was described by the girls. If you make a bog baby, please send a picture to Miss Hunt via email! I'd love to see what you make.
  • Do some dancing! Get moving inside your house. Some of our favourite YouTube channels with good follow-along dance videos are; Go Noodle, KooKoo Kangeroo and The Learning Station.