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Good morning everyone! I hope you're all having a great week so far. We really enjoyed listening to the 'Books that make you LOL!' video...I'm very tempted by the Bad Man and the Radioactive Samosa sounds like a giggle.

Click on the link below to see whether you can solve the challenge we have set for you..... can you guess which member of staff is hiding behind each book?


There's also videos of teachers reading some of their favourite stories for you to enjoy. 

As today is World Book Day, we will not be following quite the same timetable as normal. There is no afternoon zoom session today - to give you all a chance to get stuck into one of the World Book Day activities without interruption, and give you some screen-free time.


Here is today's suggested timetable:

Today we are going to be inspired by one of my favourite children's authors of recent years - Cressida Cowell. She's the author of the 'How to Train Your Dragon' books - which have been turned into some amazing films! You can listen to her reading chapter 1 of How to Train Your Dragon on the PowerPoint.


In the next video on the PowerPoint, she talks about how she is inspired by maps as story starters in her writing - like many authors before her have also been. Your first task this morning is going to be to draw a map of an imaginary place.


We'll have a look at the 2 writing tasks she has set as missions together in our Zoom session this morning - there are 2 to choose from:


* a mission to write instructions and directions to navigate your map

* a description of one or more of the settings you've included on your map

Cressida reads How to Train Your Dragon- Chapter 1

10:30 am World Book Day 2021: SHARE A STORY LIVE: Words and Pictures

Afternoon activity - World Book Day 

Choose one of the activities from the picture below (or as many as you would like to!) and have a go. Whichever activity you choose to do, enjoy the books and stories you have around you!

Have a fun-filled day Year 6 - and don't forget to try and guess which member of staff is behind each book.... I'll put the answers up tomorrow morning!