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Today's code for reading and SPAG on LBQ is:


Today there is also a Maths task on dividing using the bus stop method where the answer is a decimal - have a go and see if it refreshes your memory. Good luck!


Finally today we get to write about our own rare and undiscovered animals. Have a look at page 23 in the booklet. You've designed your animal, done all your planning - so get creative with publishing it and showing off your animal to the world.


On page 24, there are instructions for making a mini-book. You could do your draft today, so that you are ready to publish your writing tomorrow in a mini-book format. Remember to make it clear, informative and use lots of drawings and diagrams.


Look at the learning video below all about decimals as fractions. Have a go at the learning activities which go with it. Don't forget to mark your work using the answers once you're done.

Year 6 - Week 5 - Lesson 4 - Decimals as fractions


Session 4 of our 'Be Awesome, Go Big' work this afternoon Year 6.

Last lesson, we thought about how fear can hold us back - and how we need to approach new challenges with that growth mindset we focussed on in session 2. This afternoon, our learning is all about facing changes which are happening head on, and being prepared for them.


Watch the videos that are in the PowerPoint presentation and think about the questions which you are asked to reflect on.