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LAST DAY - Friday 12th February

9am - 9:20am: Poster


Design a poster that highlights 5 things that you have enjoyed over the past 6 weeks. I know that times are different and that we are not all together but there is always a bright side to everything.


Always remember positive things will happen if you are positive.


9:20am - 9:55am: English Extra Time


Use this time to complete your Escape from Pompeii stories. Is it complete? Have you checked it against the success criteria? 

Do you want to write it up onto a computer (word) or on a tablet (pages on iPad) and could you include your own drawings to help tell your version.  


Bring your stories to the morning PJ zoom - so we can sit in our PJ and listen to your stories. 

10am - 10:35am: Morning Zoom - PJ Party


Wear your favourite and best PJs to todays zoom - we will spend time sharing our 5 things we have enjoyed. 

11am - 12pm: Comparing area

11:30 - 12:15pm: Complete Maths LBQ: 


Follow the link below, enter the code and input your name.

The rest of the afternoon

All of class 4's staff have been so impressed overall with how well you have all adapted to learning from home (or at school differently). The work you have all sent in has been really great to see and mark. Please have a restful rest of the day and half term. Stay safe and have fun. 


If you need ideas on what to do next: 

Have a nap

Read a book

Watch a film with popcorn - I recommend watching Horrible Histories Romans Film. If you parents have Amazon Prime it is on there for free. If not, then watch something different. 

Play a board game or cards with someone at home