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Good morning Year 6 - I hope you all had brilliant weekends.

IT SNOWED YESTERDAY.... how exciting! My puppy went bananas (as did the children). We had great fun playing in the snow and throwing snowballs....but our poor snowman didn't make it till tea time - he had an accident with a flying pup!

Mrs Huotari will be doing our Monday faith assembly by Zoom at 11:45 for KS2. We'd love to see you whilst we join in from the classroom. The link is in the email you received - details for Year 6 zoom meetings.


Today's timetable looks like this:


In this lesson, we will be starting off by practising writing sentences from notes. There will be an example of some notes about Charles Darwin which will be turned into modelled sentences. After that, we will have a go at practising turning notes into sentences. In the main part of the lesson, we will recap how we collect information and choose the best way to record information that makes sense to us individually. Then we will look at some non-fiction texts about Charles Darwin, but this time focusing on the last two sections: Voyages and Discoveries. From the information we have read, we will make notes under those two subheadings.


Watch the video - and follow the instructions the teacher gives you. Pause the video to do the activities and then complete the independent work at the end of the lesson


Write today's short date (08/02) in your book and then have a go at this arithmetic:

Watch the White Rose video - you can pause it as you are watching to have a go at joining in with the activities. When you get to the end, have a go at the work in your home learning book. You will need to have the worksheet open on a device in front of you and then do your working out and answering in the book. Once you have completed the task, you can use the answer sheet to mark your work before an adult emails me a picture of it. Good luck - and remember to email me if you have any questions.

Spr6.3.1 - Fractions to decimals (2)

Afternoon Lesson

You may notice that I have not included an afternoon Zoom on our daily timetable.


The reason for this is simple:

Last week was Children's Mental Health Week. But just because it officially ended yesterday doesn't mean we should stop looking after our mental health.


And what could be better for our mental health during these difficult times - then having a chance to go and enjoy the snow!


If you have a garden - go and enjoy the snow. Build a snowman, throw snowballs at trees (or siblings!), make snow angels, build an igloo. Just go have fun!


If you don't have a garden - and you can get outdoors, go enjoy some fresh air and a snowy walk.


I know some of you like to do things indoors - so I've put some ideas below for things you can do to have a non-screen day. Go and have fun doing something that makes you feel good. Try to avoid spending the time being on your phone or on your device if you can.


Have fun Year 6! Take a picture of whatever you get up to so that I get to share it with you!