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Today's code for SPAG and Reading on LBQ is:



Yesterday, we were introduced to our new writing unit - all about monsters. You should have read the model text about swamp monsters (hopefully there's not too many of those around Dover!), and started to think about the features of this style of writing.


Today we will be starting to think about our own monsters. Have a look at the following activities:


  • Activity 5 - all about topic sentences. See if you can come up with topic sentences to introduce paragraphs about a lion, a swamp monster and a storm giant.

Activity 6 - brainstorming some ideas for a new monster. Think about their appearance, diet, habitat, abilities, friends/enemies and powers/weapons.


Activity 7 - draw and label your new and exciting monster!


Have a look at the White Rose video and then try the worksheet below it. Remember to mark your work at the end.

Year 6 - Week 7 - Lesson 4 - Solve simple one-step equations

Science - Eyestonishing

Over the course of lockdown, we've had a go at doing some art work on optical illusions. Today, for science - we will be having a look at how these optical illusions work and finding out some interesting facts about them.


Have a look at the Science Jamboree website here:


Eyestonishing 1

Have a look at this video first of all. It will work better on a computer than a phone - if you have one:

Eyestonishing 2

Some more optical illusions to have a look at here:

Eyestonishing 3

And have a look here at how the brain can become confused by these optical illusions:

PLEASE NOTE - this video contains flashing images

Once you've watched the videos and explored the wacky world of optical illusions, have a look at the activity on the Jamboree website - and try making a thaumatrope. Good luck!