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Can you come up with a name for this hideous creature?


The Trap- Part 2 (No giggles)

1. (Predict) Predict what the trap might catch.

2. (Explain) Explain why Fred so desperately wants to tell the story to the newspapers.

3. (Retrieve) Why doesn’t the explorer need to leave a trail?
4. What type of trap do they set?

5. (Summarise) Summarise why the explorer doesn’t want people to know about his village,
in twenty-five words or less.



Have a go on TTRS and try to beat the other team. Team Brilliant- you have a lot of catching up to do!! 


English Lesson via Zoom- 10 am


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Below is the English sheet- if you want to do your work on the computer, you can download the Word Document one and do it that way.


You could also print the sheet and work directly on it using pen or pencil. 


Or you could do the work in your book and write the sentences out. 


Divide with remainders



Today we are looking at how the UK and Chile are similar and how they are different.


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