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Hello Year 5! 

Today is a special day; it's world book day! 


After Science, I have a selection of book themed activities for you to enjoy.

9.00 am Science ZOOM session with Mrs Martin


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We are beginning this term by revisiting our learning on properties of materials.


Today we are exploring thermal insulators.


L.O. To know thermal insulators do not allow heat to pass through them easily.

L.O. To know materials which trap air inside them are good thermal insulators.


We will discuss the attached PowerPoint during our zoom session. 

Thermal insulator: thermal insulator does not allow heat to pass through it easily. Thermal insulators help to keep hot things hot and cold things cold.

Thermal conductor: thermal conductor allows heat to pass through it easily. Most metals are good thermal conductors.




Activity can be found on slides 4,5,6: Complete a bar chart or a line graph.

Examples of this are on slides 9/10. 


We miss you Fat Baby

Morning Zoom- 10am


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Have a read at the activities I have written below. I would like you to have a go at at least three. Have a lovely day filled with reading. Speak to you at 2:45 pm!

Writing Activities: 


- Write an alternative ending to your favourite story

- Write a character description from your favourite story

- Become an author and create your own book

- Write a book review

- Write a letter to your favourite author telling them what you like most about their book or why it is your favourite book

- Turn part of a story into a comic strip

- If you were to have a sleepover with a book character, who would you choose and why? 



- Create your own set of VIPERS questions on a book you enjoy

- Cozy up with your favourite book and a yummy drink, enjoy reading and being peaceful

- Record an audio recording of you reading a chapter from your book, or make a YouTube video like I do for our reading lessons



- Research one of your favourite authors and create a timeline or a biography for them

- Find out about the history of books and the first books to be written/published in England. 



- Draw a sketch of what your favourite character looks like

- Design a new front cover for your favourite book

- Design a bedroom for your favourite character, based on their personality- you could even make a model of this in a shoe box! Think about what is on the walls, the colour schemes, etc. 

- Design an outfit for your favourite character to wear

- Can you create a beautiful poster for our classroom all about reading? You could use a quote about loving reading to inspire others



- Design a social media page for a character from a book which has some updates from the character e.g. a Tweet or a Facebook status or an Instagram post

- Write a blog for one of your favourite characters based on something that has happened to them in their story

- Create a poster for our library to encourage children to read

Additional Activities


- Design/build a reading corner/den in your home

- Create the best 'reading snack plate' to enjoy whilst reading your favourite book

- Dress up as your favourite character from a book using the clothes and materials you can find in your home

- Organise your bookshelf to make it beautiful

- Design the perfect day for a book character from the moment they wake up to the moment they go to bed

Celebration Assembly- 11:10am


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The password has been emailed to parents

Afternoon Zoom- 2:45pm


Meeting Code: 724 757 6561