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Tuesday 9th

It's Tuesday!

We hope you all had good fun exploring the snow!

As mentioned yesterday, this week we are trialing sending work to Miss Hunt via EExAT. If you have picked up your home learning supply pack, you will have the EExAT parent guide and your access code. Please try logging on today and submitting some work with a short caption.


Our zoom link has been emailed to you on Sunday evening.

See you at 9am and 1:45pm today! :)


REMINDER: Miss Hunt is holding 1:1 Zooms for home learners today (Tuesday) and tomorrow (Wednesday). There will be via our usual Zoom link. Miss Hunt will have sent you a time yesterday afternoon- please make sure you've confirmed your 1:1 Zoom time slot. Meetings will last up to 20 minutes and consist of a check-in, an informal phonics assessment, and some time to discuss how home learning is going for you and your child.



Recapping letter sounds: Please recap your letter sounds and actions every day.

You can use the videos below to help you.

Monster Phonics Pure Speech Sounds:

Phase 2 Tricky Word Song:


Daily Zoom session: Our sound this week is 'or'. This is a Black Cat sound. Today we will be re-reading our Monster Phonics Story 'Hansel and Grettle', looking out carefully for any words containing the 'or' sound. We will then write an 'or' word together on our whiteboards and learn two new tricky words: was and all.


Follow up activity: Watch and sing with this Phase 3 Tricky Word SongWrite our new tricky words (was, all) in your exercise book and try to use them in a sentence when talking with your grown-up.



Flashcard Passwords: Write the following words on individual pieces of paper:

Fork, corn, torn, torch, horn, short

Put them on doors around your house. These are now your passwords! Read to pass through each door.


Please photograph this and if possible, upload it to EExAT for Miss Hunt to see! Please include specific and honest detail. For example: Were these flashcards sounded out independently or were some support required? Were they written independently using their sound mat or again, was more support needed? What did they do well? What did they need support with? Could they read the words on the door independently or with support?


Fine Motor Skills: 

Fine motor skills are the skills that allow you to make small movements with your 

hands- developing these supports pencil control.

Challenge: Do some threading!

You can thread various items, including cereal or pasta, onto string, wool, or pipe cleaners.

Please find ideas for how to do threading at home below.


Please read with your child every day!


  • Today's Phonics Play Decodable Comic Book: Pet vet

Accessible here:

  • Optional: Teach Your Monster to Read – Reading game. Please complete one island/ gate per day.

Our Log in link:

  • Look at this website for other free books you can read:

You will need to set up a free account with Oxford Owl using your email address to access this content.



Please follow this link and watch Session 2: Making pairs.

Then complete the activity:

Please take photographs during practical activities and send them and any exercise book work via email to Miss Hunt- please also try uploading a photo of your work to EExAT for Miss Hunt to see!


Afternoon Activities:

Purple Mash 2Do's:

  • Mash Cam roleplay- Police officer
  • Paint project- Doctor
  • Explore Simple City- Doctors
  • 'Thank you nurses' writing activity- Shine a Light (adults to type for children).