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Good morning everyone. How are you all this morning? I know that lots of you will be back at school as of Monday in one of the Year 6 'bubbles'. Whether you are back in school, or continuing your learning from home, Year 6 will all be completing a lot of the same work. From Monday, we will be doing lots of work about transition to help us think about getting ready for secondary school in September. 


Today's code for LBQ for SPAG and reading is:



Today Year 6, I would like you to have a go at activity 10 and activity 11 from our gadgets workbook.

In activity 10 you will be writing your persuasive advert, and then in activity 11 you will be re-reading it to edit and improve it. Have a go at editing the example in the booklet using a different colour pen or pencil to make the changes, then look at your own advert in the same way. I'd love to see some of the finished adverts - please do take pictures and email them to me!


Optional Homework

If you've enjoyed creating your advert for your spy gadget, have a go at activity 13 - creating a radio advert. You'll be performing and recording your work to try and persuade people to buy your gadget. If you choose to do this, please do record yourself and email me the recording or the video - I'd love to hear them.


Some problem solving today Year 6 - have a look at the problems and see whether you can solve them. 

Clue-dough Carrot Cake

Have a look at the recipes and the puzzles here, and maybe if you're feeling brave use the cake to solve the tangram puzzle.


Something a bit different this afternoon Year 6. Next week, we will be starting to work through a unit called 'Be awesome - go big!' to think about getting ready for secondary school. To start us off thinking about this unit - i would like you to have a look at this:


The link to the document is just below the picture - click on it to be able to read it in more detail.

'Getting ready to go big' is all about doing things which help us to see how amazing we all are and prove to ourselves we can do things we never expected we could. I would like you to choose at least one of the activities from the grid to complete.


It could be a creative task - like this one:

Design a flying car of the future, imagining you are living in the year 2300

Or you could choose something more practical like this one:

Learn to tie three different types of knots (don't be fooled into thinking this is easy Year 6: I have had to learn lots of knots for my forest school training.... and some of them are really tricky!)

Or you could do some poetry writing - like in this one:

Write a Haiku –  a 3-line poem (1st line 5 syllables, 2nd line 7 syllables, 3rd line 5 syllables) on what it means to be kind in school


Whichever you choose to do (and you can do as many as you like), take lots of pictures and remember to BE AWESOME!