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The Ruined City- Part 2

The Ruined City- Part 2

1. (Inference) Why does Con think the man should cook for them?

2. Why won’t Max give the knife back?

3. (Retrieve) What does the man give the children to hunt?

4. Why does Max say the man is an explorer? 



Practice your skills on Times Tables Rockstars!


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English Task

Lesson 2: The Shape of Poems

Objectives: To analyse how organisation, structure, shape and presentation creates meaning. To use shape and structure in poetry to create impact and engage the reader.

Task: Now it’s your turn. Think of a subject that you would like to write a poem about. Firstly, just draw the shape of the lines that you would like to use. Make sure that you can explain why you’ve chosen your particular shape or structure. Now write your poem in that shape- be creative, you might write about a smile, a cloud, a cat.. anything! 

Extension Task: Don’t forget to consider the following features when you come to create a shape for your poem: stanza divisions, punctuation, line length, and line run-on (enjambment).



You'll be pleased to know, we are leaving multiplication behind and moving onto dividing. Today's lesson may be very simple for some of you, but it's important that we re-visit it to ensure we have the base skills to move on. 


If you find it simple and would like a challenge, there are links below to the Mastery questions. 

Divide 2-digits by 1-digit

Maths Mastery! 


If you finish your work early, and you would like a challenge- have a go at the MASTERY questions! 


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Good luck! 

P.E. Weekly Challenge

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