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Writing Work

Please let me know if you would like any more writing lessons. I haven't seen any sentences or stories yet so assume you have not completed Rainbow Bird but please let me know if you have. 

Once you have done these 6 writing lessons, it is time to plan your own story. We are writing a story about a nasty animal who has something that no-one else has and a good animal that takes it and shares it with the world. They are then rewarded and turned into something magnificent. 


I have put a 6 plot point plan below for you to use as your planning sheet. There are 6 plot points and there will be 6 success criteria. These are the 6 sentence types you must use. It is up to you which plot point uses which type of sentence. I have completed a rough plan to give you an idea. Mine is about a mean bear and a kind sparrow. It is still fire that the bear has. 


Once you have come up with your 6 plot points and which sentence type you will write for each, you can write a quick sentence or two in the planning box. This is not your final sentence as you will add to this when you write it out. You need to then think of all the different adjectives, verbs and adverbs you could use for each sentence, just like I did in the writing lessons. 



Success Criteria:


  1. Action Sentence
  2. Feelings Sentence
  3. Notice Sentence
  4. Dialogue Sentence
  5. Imagining Sentence
  6. Adverbs/Adverbial Phrase Sentence

Once you have planned your story and listed your vocabulary for each plot point, you can independently write your new story. Make sure you read it back and check it all makes sense. Have you used the 6 different sentence types? Do your sentences have capital letter, full stops, finger spaces etc...? Have you used any other punctuation like exclamation marks or question marks? Have you used the inverted commas correct for the dialogue sentence?


Once you have finished, please send me your finished story. I can check it and put any pointers on for you to edit. 



Send me your sentences here.