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Writing Lesson 6

Rainbow Bird, PP6, introducing S1

Watch the video "Happy" and dance around whilst listening to it. List some adjectives to describe how you feel and some verbs to describe what you are doing.

Pharrell Williams - Happy (Official Music Video)

Rainbow Bird, PP6, writing S1

A feelings sentence to describe how Bird Woman feels after giving the fire to everyone.

Rainbow Bird, PP6, introducing S2

Watch the video of colourful birds and list some Adjectives to describe them.

Top 10 Most Colorful Birds Part-1 | Stunningly Beautiful Birds | Exotic Birds

Rainbow Bird, PP6, writing S2

A notice sentence to describe the beautiful Rainbow Bird that Bird Woman turns into.

Rainbow Bird, PP6, introducing S3

Look at the picture of Crocodile Man sat in the swamp and list some adjectives to describe it.

Rainbow Bird, PP6, writing S3

An action sentence to describe Crocodile Man being stuck in that horrible swamp for evermore with no fire.