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Writing Lesson 5

Rainbow Bird, PP5, introducing S1

Look at the picture of Bird Woman flying around with the fire sticks putting fire into the trees and list verbs and adverbs to describe what she is doing.

Rainbow Bird, PP5, writing S1

An action sentence to describe how Bird Woman is putting fire into the heart of every tree.

Rainbow Bird,PP5, introducing S2

Watch the video below about making a fire and list the things that you need and how you could describe them.

How to Build a Fire

Rainbow Bird,PP5, writing S2

An adverbial phrase sentence with a fronted adverbial to describe how from them on, people could use wood from any tree to make fire.

Rainbow Bird, PP5, introducing S3

Watch about 1 minute of the fire video below and list some adjectives to describe how fire helps gives us heat in the cold, light in the darkness and we can use it to cook food.

🎧 Campfire Night Sounds

Campfire Night Sounds In The Great Outdoors With Owls & Cicadas

Rainbow Bird, PP5, writing S3

A punctuation sentence using commas for a list to describe 3 things that fire can help us with.