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Writing Lesson 5

Introducing Plot Point 5

Sentence one will be an alliteration sentence so we need to gather our ideas. Search around your house pretending to look for pea and think about what language you could use to describe it. You are searching, hunting, exploring etc...

PP5, sentence 1

An alliteration sentence to describe Supertato searching for pea.

Introducing sentence 2

We are going to write an action sentence so need to gather lots of verbs. War h the sill “Action Verbs” video and then see if you can come up with the long list of different verbs.

Action Verbs | Reading & Writing Song for Kids | Verb Song | Jack Hartmann

PP5, sentence 2

An action sentence to describe Supertato trying to get pea but falling into an open freezer.

Introducing sentence 3

We are going to write an adverbial sentence so need to start with a fronted adverbial and then describe Supertato. Look at the picture of him below and list as many adjectives as you can to describe him.

PP5, sentence 3

An adverbial sentence to describe the amazing Supertato getting out of the freezer.