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Writing Lesson 4

Plot point 4, introducing sentence 1

After this watch the video of the vegetables trapped under the basket and think about what pea did to them and how they are feeling. What verbs would describe what pea has done?

Vegetables trapped under basket

Watch this and think about how sad the vegetables are. They were suddenly trapped under a shopping basket. The are scared, upset, worried, terrified, petrified etc...

PP4, sentence 1

An action sentence to describe pea trapping some vegetables with adverbs to describe how he did it.

Introducing sentence 2

After this, watch the video of pea laughing and think about how he is feeling. What adjectives would you use to describe how he is feeling? What about the vegetables? How would they be feeling about being pushed into a drink?

Evil Pea laughing

Listen to this and try to think about how Pea is feeling and how the vegetables are feeling

PP4, sentence 2

A feeling sentence to describe how pea is feeling and how the vegetables are feeling.

Introducing sentence 3

After this, watch the video of the dog and come up with some adjectives to describe what the dog does to try and catch the frisbee. He jumps, leaps, lunges e...

Not catching it

Watch this and think about how you could describe Supertato not catching pea. He dives into the air, leaps, lunges forward, soars towards pea etc...

PP4, sentence 3

A sentence structure sentence to use the conjunction but.

Describe what Supertato does and then describe how pea gets away. Use the conjunction but in the middle to join the two ideas.