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Writing Lesson 3

Plot Point 3


Traction Man is swimming in the sink when he is attacked by a poisonous dishcloth. Luckily he is saved by a brave little scrubbing brush. 

SENTENCE 1 - a notice and action sentence to describe Traction Man swimming in the water. 

Sentence 2 - an adverbial sentence to use adverbs to describe the dishcloth attacking


Sentence 3 - a feeling sentence to describe how Traction Man feels about being rescued. 



Plot point 3 sentence 1

Plot point 3 is traction man swimming in the sink and being attacked by the poisonous dishcloth. He is saved by a brave scum rubbing brush.
Sentence 1 is a notice sentence and action sentence that describes Traction Man swimming in the sink.

PP3 Sentence 2

The poisonous dishcloth tries to get Traction Man!

PP3 Sentence 3

This is how Traction Man feels after he is saved by the brave little scrubbing brush.