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Writing Lesson 3

Rainbow Bird, PP3, introducing S1

An adverbial Phrase sentence. Before we start to write, watch the time adverbial song and thing of some way you can say time is moving forward.

The Time Adverbials Song

Rainbow Bird, PP3, writing S1

Using a fronted adverbial to say how Bird Woman is sat waiting in her tree.

Rainbow Bird, PP3, introducing S2

Look at the picture of Bird Woman in her tree and list some words to describe what her tree is like and how she is feeling.

Rainbow Bird, PP3, writing S2

A feelings sentence to describe how Bird Woman feels sitting up in her tree waiting

Rainbow Bird, PP3, introducing S3

Look at Crocodile Man yawning and lost some adjectives to describe what it looks like

Rainbow Bird, PP3, writing sentence 3

An action sentence to describe Crocodile Man's yawn