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Writing Lesson 3

Introducing Plot Point 3

Supertato rescues the vegetables Before we look at sentence 1, have an look through the Verbs PowerPoint and act out some of the different verbs. Get to know that verbs are action words.

PP3, sentence 1

An action sentence to describe how Supertato saves Cucumber and Carrot.

Introducing sentence 2

Look at the adverbial phrase fact sheets, activity and cards. A fronted adverbial adds extra information to the start of a sentence.

PP3. Sentence 2

An adverb/adverbial phrase sentence to tell me how Supertato helped Broccoli.

Introducing sentence 3

Look at the inverted commas fact cards and watch the song on YouTube. This will show you how to use inverted commas correctly.

The Direct Speech Song (Inverted Commas)

We have revamped our 2015 song, Inverted Commas. This songs details how to write direct speech using inverted commas and the all important piece of punctuation.

PP3, sentence 3

A dialogue sentence to show what Supertato says when he works out who has been causing all the trouble.