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Writing Lesson 2

Good Morning everyone. Today we going to write our paragraph for plot point 2. This is the part where the evil pillows have captured the farm toys and Traction Man has to save them. 

Please watch each video one at a time and do the work for each. You need to add vocabulary to my lists and then use that vocabulary and my sentence structure to write your own sentences. Please send/post pictures of your sentences or email me them so I can gather them all together to create an amazing piece of writing.


Sentence 1 - Action Sentence (describes the evil pillows capturing the farm animals)

Sentence 2 - Action Sentence (describes how Traction Man arrived)

Sentence 3 - Action Sentence (describes how the farm feel after they have been rescued and what they do)


I look forward to seeing your amazing writing. 

PP2 Sentence 1

Plot Point 2 is the farm animals being held captive by the evil pillows and Traction Man saving them.
We are going to write 3 action sentences for this paragraph.
This is sentence 1 which is a negative sentence about the farm animals being held captive. Look at the vocabulary and the example sentence and then see if you can write your own sentence.

PP2 Sentence 2

This is another action sentence. This sentence is about Traction Man appearing to save the day. Look at the different vocabulary and the example sentence and then write your own sentence about Traction coming to save the farm animals.

PP2 Sentence 3

This is the final sentence for this paragraph and is another action sentence but this time with a bit of feeling too as it describes how the farm animals now feel. It is a very positive sentence which shows how happy the farm animals now are.
Look at the different vocabulary and the example sentence and then write your own action sentence to show what the animals feel and do.

I can't wait to see some of your sentences and start to build them together to create a fab story.