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Writing Lesson 2

Introducing Plot Point 2

This is where bad things are happening to the vegetables and Supertato wonders what he can do to stop it.

PP2, Sentence 1

A dialogue sentence to describe what carrot is saying as he is stuck to the converter belt.

Introducing Sentence 2

We are going to use different subordinating conjunctions in this sentence to describe why Broccoli is shouting.

because, when, after, as etc...

Look through the PPT and words list and see which ones would make sense.

PP2, sentence 2

A conjunction sentence to describe why broccoli is screaming and upset

Introducing sentence 3

Now look at the blank thought bubbles and try to imagine what Supertato might be thinking as he sees all this mayhem!

PP2, sentence 3

An imagining sentence to describe what Supertato is thinking as he sees Cucumber wrapped in toilet roll.