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Writing Lesson 1

Rainbow Bird, PP1, Introducing S1

Watch the video of the crocodile and list some Adjectives to describe him. What does he look like? What words could tell us that he is mean?

Angry male alligators

Look and Listen to the alligator and list some words to describe what he looks like and how we could describe him as mean.

Rainbow Bird PP1, writing S1

A notice sentence to describe what Crocodile Man is like. All start with my sentence: Long ago in the Time of Dreams,

Rainbow Bird. PP1, Introducing S2

Watch the video of fire and list some adjectives to Describe the fire.

Action Verbs

Now throw something around and think of the verbs you could use to describe what you are doing.

Rainbow Bird, PP1, writing S2

An action sentence to describe how Crocodile Man plays with his fire. You can all use the sentence: He has one thing that no-one else has, fire! Then describe what he did with the fire.

Rainbow Bird, PP1, introducing S3

Watch the video of fire and list adjectives to describe it.

Fireplace 10 hours full HD

Watch about 1 minute of this and list some adjectives to describe the fire.

Rainbow Bird, PP1, writing S3

A basic sentence to tell us how Crocodile Man behaves. I want everyone to use the conjunction 'when' to start to show that when someone did something, something else happened.
We also need to use an expanded noun phrase to describe the fire so that is adding an adjective before the noun (fire).