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Writing Lesson 1

Introducing Plot Point 1

We are starting a new story all about Supertato. After this, watch the video of nighttime sounds and think about what it would be like in the supermarket late at night.

Supermarket at night

calm, peaceful, quiet, still, no one there, still, sleepy

PP1 Sentence 1

This is a notice sentence to tell us what it is like in the supermarket while Supertato is asleep.

Now it is time to write your notice sentence to describe the supermarket at night whilst Supertato sleeps. 

Introducing sentence 2

Now go and watch the bang, crash sounds video and think of words to describe the sounds you hear.

Crash Sound Effects

PP2 Sentence 2

This is a sound sentence to describe the loud noise that wakes up Supertato.

Now it is time to go and write your sound sentence to describe the noise that Supertato hears. 

Introducing sentence 3

Now go and watch the video of evil pea and think of some words you could use to describe him.

Evil Pea

PP1 Sentence 3

This is a repetition sentence to describe the evil pea.

Now it's time for you to go and write your own repetition sentences to describe the evil pea.