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Lesson 6 - Step 6 - Fractions on a number line



This workbook I have attached below is going to be the basis for your English work this week. If you have a printer, you could print it out, if you don't, you can do the work on paper, or even use your computer to type it up! Each day I will let you know what pages I would like you to do. Keep all of your work together so that you don't lose it, you will need it all at the end when you come to write your own information text. 


Today, I would like you to work through the start of the booklet to page 7. You can listen to a recording of the story of The Truth about Trolls text below here: (the link is also in the pack). 


Today, you will be reading (& listening) the text, using a dictionary to find out what some of the words mean. You could use a dictionary or swiggle (remember to ask your parent's for permission). 


If you would like to show me your work or you have questions, you can email me at

Spellings Poster for Wednesday's Activities

HISTORY - We are going to be learning about a period in British history when a lot of different groups of people were invading Britain and then settling in Britain. Before you start, create a mindmap on everything you know about Anglo-Saxons and Vikings and as the term goes on we can keep adding to it.