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Following on from yesterday's work, review what you have written and edit your new information on trolls (page 16).

★ Read your work through and check that it flows and makes sense
★ Remember to check the spelling and punctuation and illustrate your text with pictures or drawings.
★ Now decide how you are going to publish your information.


You can write up your work as 'hot task' on paper or use a computer/tablet to type it up. Don't forget you can draw or add images in. Remember if you search for images use swiggle:

Lesson 13 - Compare fractions

Reading - 


Today's session you will need to write down everything you know about Vikings so far on the bubble map (attached) or create your own bubble map. 


I have also attached an image from inside the book that has information about the story and about Vikings. 

Can you take information from the picture to write down? (Infer from the image). 

Session 0 - Map Inference

Bubble Map - for Map and knowledge of the Vikings