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1. Read a dictionary entry

  • Read Dictionary Entry.
  • Use different colours to show the different parts as indicated.  
  • Look at the Revision Card. Why does the word ‘Fast’ have two versions? 


2. Find out about some words

  • Read the words on Word Grid.
  • Use a dictionary or the dictionary website to work out what they can mean.

  • The words in blue might belong to more than one word class.
  • Choose three words and make dictionary entries for them, using the Template.


3.  Write some sentences

  • Write sentences that use the words from the Word Grid.
  • Challenge yourself to write a crazy story that uses all these words at least once!


Well done! Now show a grown-up your story. Talk to them about the meanings of the words from the Word Grid.  


Try these Fun-Time Extra

  • Can you find five new words in the dictionary that you don’t think anyone in your house will know.

Learn to spell them, learn what they mean and then impress the people you live with!

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