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1. Read another King Midas story

  • Read King Midas and the Golden Touch.
  • How would you describe the character of King Midas? What would you have asked for as a reward for helping the satyr?


2. Make a summary of the story

  • Use words and pictures on Story Summary to show the main events of the story.
  • Use your Story Summary to help you to tell the story to somebody else.


3.  Write using some direct speech

  • Imagine the conversation between King Midas and the Satyr at breakfast. How will King Midas discover who the satyr is? How will he decide what to ask for?
  • Write the conversation in the Speech Bubbles.
  • Now try writing this speech as sentences. Use the Revision Card to remind you how to punctuate direct speech. Challenge yourself to add some other sentences which say what both characters are doing.


Fun-Time Extras

  • Watch some versions of the story of King Midas. Start with this one:

  • Write a new story where King Midas chooses a different power. How will it end differently?

English Workbook

Compare angles

Timestables - Can you beat 5 minutes? Or your time from yesterday?

Count up timer 5 minutes