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Hi Year 4- Miss Brown here!


As Miss Kleinman is busy working at school every day, I am going to be planning your home learning. I'm at home staying safe like all of you. 


The home learning will be quite different. I will create a page for you to visit every day in the week. There will be an English activity, a Maths activity with a video and an afternoon lesson. 


Miss Kleinman would still love to see your work, so send her your learning if you were doing so. If you have any questions, need some help or have any feedback about the home learning I have planned you can email me here: 


Hope you like what I have planned for you and we get to start some incredible learning! :)



In English we will be following booklets from the Talk4Writing scheme. I will upload them here and let you know which activities I would like you to do each day. If you have a printer, go ahead and print the booklet now to work from. If not, you can do all the activities on paper. 


I will post the text and activities today, but normally I would just let you know which pages to work from. 

Welcome to my alien world! You’ll find lots of fun things to work through that will help you with your writing skills and build on the work you do at school.


For many years, humans all over the world have wondered whether we really exist. Well, I can tell you we do and, what's more, we have been getting up to all sorts of mischief on our visits to Earth! Now I’m hoping we can help you with your writing and inspire you to believe that aliens are amazing!


First, here are some facts about our species:


What is an alien?

An alien is a peculiar humanoid from outer space.


Most aliens are tall and can grow to over 10 metres in height. However, the Tiny Alien is the tiniest of aliens and is the size of a household mouse. Additionally, aliens have tough, green skin that is often wrinkled to help keep them warm. Amazingly, some aliens have shiny scales that are harder than diamonds.


Aliens are found across the Solar System. The majority like to live well away from planets inhabited by human beings. Usually, they live in pods or space shacks made of ice. Some aliens like to sleep in cocoons, which are woven from a silk-like thread that space worms produce.

What do they eat?

All Aliens are vegetarian, but also candyarian, which means they have an extremely sweet tooth. They love chocolate, cakes and desserts. Furthermore, they are extremely fond of fizzy drinks. Their favourite food is ice-cream. Interestingly, aliens can dislocate their jaws in the same way as a snake, so they can fill their mouth with huge portions of sweet treats.

What do they do?

Aliens are best known for exploring in spaceships. They usually land their spacecrafts in remote areas and like to find out about the planets they are visiting. Interestingly, most aliens are extremely good mathematicians and they love to calculate the answers to complicated maths problems in their heads.



Are aliens on earth?

Watch out! The next time you see someone in your class guzzling extraordinary portions of sweets, getting top marks in their times tables tests and winning every race at Sports’ day, just maybe you’ve got an alien invader of your own!

Which pictures best represent each word?

Now take a look at this line from the text:
"All Aliens are vegetarian, but also candyarian, which means they have an extremely sweet tooth."



Vegetarian is a real word but candyarian is an alien word and only exists in our alien language. Let’s explore alien words by playing the Alien Word game with compound words.



I have taken compound words from your language and split them up. Your challenge is:

1. Join a word in column 1 with any word in column 2

2. Write the new word down
3. Invent a definition for your new alien word

Below is an example of what I mean and how I would like you to lay it out- Good luck! :)



So, for maths everyday I will post a short video that you can watch. Then, I would like you to complete the sheet below. Once you have finished, mark your work using the answers and see how you did. 


If you find it too tricky or you need help, ask a parent or an older brother or sister to give you a hand and help explain it to you. You can always email me for help too. 


Today we are going to be working on our multiplication skills by learning how to multiply a 2-digit number by a 1-digit number. 

Year 4 - Week 3 - Lesson 1 - Multiply 2-digit number by 1 digit number

Afternoon Lesson


The Mirror of Erised is an enchanted mirror found in the Room of Requirement in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Watch this clip below to see Harry Potter looking into the mirror for the first time...

The Mirror of Erised

What do the strange inscriptions mean on the mirror's edge? Click here to find out how to decode it...


I wonder if anybody will understand the mirror's message. 

Today, your task is to show me what the Mirror of Erised would look like to you. 


You could write about it, draw it, paint it, create it out of lego! Whatever you would like. If you were faced with the Mirror of Erised, what would you see?