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1. Read a Portrait Poem
• Read the poem, “Simon, my best friend…
• What does Simon have in common with you? What is different about you and him?

2. Remind yourself about the present and past tense
• Use the PowerPoint presentation or the Revision Card to remind yourself about the Present and Past Tense.
• Complete Past/Present Tense practice.

Well done! Now explain your answers to a grown-up. You can check them with the sheet at the end of this pack.

3. Now for some writing
• Use the Portrait Poem template to write about one of your friends.
• Write sentences about them in the present tense.
• Add a portrait of them in the middle of the template.

Fun-Time Extras
• Can you send your poem to your friend?
• Can you write two more Portrait Poems about people in your family?

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