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We are continuing on from the work done on dialogue last week – but don’t worry if you didn’t do that week or that bit of work – you can still do this session. Before you start today’s work make sure you have finished reading 'Diary of a Lively Labrador'.
1. Recognising dialogue
                   o Circle the speech marks and underline the dialogue from pages 17-18 of Diary of a Lively Labrador.


2. Rewrite speech bubbles as direct speech (dialogue)
                  o Read through the learning reminders on punctuating direct speech.
                  o Using your ‘Mouse and Boof-Head in conversation’ speech bubbles from yesterday write down their conversation as correctly punctuated dialogue.


3. Now for some writing
                   o Re-read page 3 of Diary of a Lively Labrador. It is written from Boof-Head’s point of view. How do you think the postwoman / milkman / neighbour might have felt?
                   o Write a diary entry for the day as if you were one of the other characters. Include some dialogue – make sure you punctuate it correctly.


Try the Fun-Time Extras
o Start a diary of your own for this last term, use an old notebook or exercise book and note down or draw what has happened and how you feel. Don’t worry if you don’t fill it in every day, just whenever you can. It will be an interesting thing to look back on in the future.

Lesson 3 - Fractions of a set of objects (1)