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English & Topic 


1. Before you start your work today watch Hamilton Trust’s Perseus Story Telling Video


2. Perseus and Medusa
             o Read the transcript.
             o Look at the example opening sentences, whose point of view is each one told from? Look up any words you don’t know in a dictionary.


3. Now for some writing
             o Write your own version of the myth in the first person (using ‘I, me, my, mine’) from Perseus’ point of view - or if you want a challenge try doing it from the point of view of one of the snakes in Medusa’s hair.


o Draw your own picture of Medusa, the snake-haired monster.

The story of Perseus, as told by Wilf Merttens

Listen to the myth of Perseus, as told by Wilf Merttens.

Activities for English

Lesson 3 - Tenths