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Well done everyone, lots of wonderful learning going on. Very proud of you all. Let's develop our skills by adding two decimal numbers with different amount of digits. Remember, lay it out carefully. Use the decimal point as a guide, remember the place value- don't accidentally add the tenths and the hundredths together! :)

Lesson 2 - Adding decimals with a different number of decimal places



Today, we are going to be doing some comprehension questions. Can you complete the questions for the section, 'Let's think about the text a little more'. 



Afternoon Lesson


Did you know that by speaking up and letting big companies know that what they're doing is wrong, that sometimes they do listen and make a change? 


I wanted to share something with you that will make you smile and hopefully think about our world. 


LEGO used to have a partnership with a company named Shell. Shell is a gas and oil company. Shell is not a very nice company, and is trying to drill for oil in the Arctic. This will harm the environment hugely. There is already more oil in the world than can be safely burnt, they are very greedy and care a lot about making money. 


A group of people called Greenpeace did not think it was right that LEGO and Shell were friends, LEGO is for children and Shell is destroying the world. So they made this video:

LEGO: Everything is NOT awesome.

What did you think of the video? I thought it was very moving. 


After this video came out and people shared it far and wide, LEGO listened and now no longer have a partnership with Shell. Good news! 


Click here to read more about Arctic Oil Drilling.


Your task today is to create an advert for people, to support the movement of saying no to Arctic oil drilling. You could draw a picture advert, you could make a film, you could do a dance or write a song. 


Check out this video below for inspiration!

LEGO: Help children save the Arctic