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Hello everyone and happy Wednesday! You did it- you're halfway through the week. Pat yourself on the back!




Today you are going to be doing Activity 9 on pages 14-15. You will be planning a few portal stories. Now is the time to brainstorm. You could fill a page using a spider diagram and let your imagination run wild. Then, use the grid to help you plan your ideas into a cohesive story. I would like you to plan at least two different stories today. Be creative, look at different images to inspire you. I can't wait to see what you come up with. 



Today you will be learning about 'complements to 1'. Don't get panicked and think this is super tricky- it's not. It just has a funny name. It's basically making 1 whole out of decimals. You might need to do some addition and subtraction for this one- remember to use a bar model if needed. 


Now, if a question has it's equal sign at the start- do not fear. You can flip it. 


3 = 1 + ?


is the same as:


1 + ? = 3


You can do this! 

Lesson 3 - Step 3 - Complements to 1

Afternoon Lesson


So, on Friday it is VE Day, and if you're going to throw a 'Stay at Home Street Party' you're going to need some food! 


Now, please don't look at these recipes and tell Mum or Dad that you need to go to Tesco's to buy lots of stuff- you can't, and neither could the people of the 1940's. Although we are not on rations, we can't go to the shops whenever we like, and they had a very strict allowance of food. 

Every single piece of food was used. Nothing ever went to waste. Ask your parents about their Grandparents and whether they had any funny habits after rationing? 


My Nan used to save the last of the soap and squash it onto the new soap. You'd never waste anything! 


Now onto the food...


Here are some recipes you might like to try at home if you have the ingredients:


Cheese Whirls


Potato Fingers


Carrot Cookies


Gingernut Biscuits


Jam Tarts




If you don't have the ingredients, you could make sandwiches and cut them up nicely and put them on a plate. You could decorate biscuits with some jam or Nutella. Try to make do with what you have, for the authentic 1940's party experience! 


Once you have decided what you are going to make on Friday, could you create a menu for your party? You could make it look like a ration book...

You could tea stain some paper to make it look brown, like a ration book. Use a wet, warm teabag to cover some white paper and leave it to dry. 


Make the cover look like a ration book, and inside you can write your menu for Friday!