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English & History - Design a poster the day of the week based on where they got their names 

(Viking names this week)


When to do it – complete one each day of the week:

  1. Include the information below on your poster.
  2. Find an image of that god/goddess that you can add/draw onto your poster and write down facts about them.
  3. In a fun way write down all the things you did on that day.
  4. Think of a nice thing you can write about someone in your family (a different person/people for each day of the week).


Our days of the week are named in honour of Norse gods;

(A poster) Wednesday; For Odin, the Raven god, sometimes known as Woden, Woden’s day

Lesson 3 - Subtract money

Science Hunt 3

Art & Science & Exercise


Spring Plants. There are lots of flowers and trees that people associate with spring including daffodils, tulips and bluebells. Have a look out of your window or if you go for a walk, what flowers or trees do you see? Draw a picture of the plants you see and identify and name them. Keep a record during spring of how these plants change and see what you notice.


Reading Session 7 - Arthur and the Golden Rope - Part 2