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I hope the planning went well yesterday. Today, you will need to use the model text and your plan to draft (write your first copy) of your new information on trolls. Remember to use all the work/ideas you have created up to this point. Page 16 will provide help and guidance. 


Remember to write this up using paper, as it will be easier to make notes and write on paper for this part. Tomorrow you can use a computer to write up and tidy up today's writing. 

Lesson 12 - Equivalent fractions (3)

Arithmetic - Keep our maths minds fit (15 minutes to complete)

Order the Anglo Saxon Timetable



Over the next couple of weeks I will be reading you all a story. You may remember some of this book as I read some of it to you on our transition day - when we first met each other! 


First session - Look at the images below of the front and back cover and write down and tell someone in your house:

  • What you think this story will be about?
  • What will happen?
  • Who is in the story?
  • When does this story take place?

(Remember these are all prediction questions and there is no wrong answer).


I hope you enjoy this reading work as well!