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Well done on your work from yesterday. I hope you liked the story and managed to finish your tasks. If you haven't done that, please go ahead and click on the Monday star, so you can start from the beginning. 


Today, I would like you to do the work on page 11-13, under the section 'Let's think about the text a little more'.


These are comprehension questions, so you will need to go back to the text to find the answers. Remember, you can do this on the pack if you have a printer, or on paper. 


Today, we are learning about turning decimals into fractions. Remember, give it a good go. You might need to watch the video twice to understand. I am here for you if you are struggling. :)

Tuesday- Decimals as fractions (1)

Afternoon Lesson- History

I hope you enjoyed your Art lesson yesterday and created some really beautiful pieces. I love repurposing recycling into art. 

Today, we are going to watch a video looking at lockdowns during WW2, a tour of a secret bunker, lessons on the people who worked in the bunker and the work which happened at Western Approaches during the war.


Here is what you should learn at the end of this lesson:


  • To understand the history and role of Western Approaches HQ during the Second World War
  • To have a basic understanding of the Battle of the Atlantic and its place in the Second World War
  • To understand some of the roles women played in the Second World War


I hope you enjoy it. The video is about 40 minutes long, but you can pause it at any time. I have attached a sheet for you to fill in below. It looks like it's going to be lots of fun! If you do not have a printer, you could ask Mum and Dad to help you copy what you need onto a piece of paper. Good luck, Recruit. 

History Lesson Worksheet

Western Approaches Lockdown Lessons Live - Lesson One

Story Time


Chapter Two of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone- enjoy! :)

Harry Potter Chapter Two

Miss Brown reads Chapter two of Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone.