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1. Look closely at an illustration

  • Look at New Characters. These are six possible new characters that could join Mario in a game.
  • Label each character, writing about 3-5 things that you notice about them.


2. Remind yourself about word classes

  • Use the Revision Card to remind yourself about word classes.
  • Complete Character Sentences. Invent a name for each of the six new characters, fill in the grid for them and then write a sentence about them.


3.  Now for some writing

  • Make up a story about some of the new characters.
  • Try to include adjectives and adverbs in your story.


Well done! Now read your story to a grown-up. Can you tell them the adjectives and adverbs that you have used? Can you ask them to spot any nouns or verbs that you have used?


Try these Fun-Time Extra

  • Can you make a scene from your story? You could act it out with others or could use toys.
  • Can you read your story to someone who isn’t in your house?
  • Can you look in books to collect some really good nouns, adjectives, adverbs and verbs?

English Workbook

Year 3 - Compare mass

Timestables - Can you complete this in 5 minutes?