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1. Read a story again

  • Read King Midas and Donkey Ears - Cloze.
  • What do you think are the missing words? Make a note and then look at the story below. Are any of your words better than the original version?


2. Remind yourself about Direct Speech

  • If possible, watch the PowerPoint and listen to the teaching about punctuating direct speech. Or use the Revision Card to remind yourself.


3.  Write using direct speech.

  • Read the speech bubbles on King Midas and his barber.
  • Write these speech bubbles as properly punctuated direct speech. Use the Revision Card to remind you how.


Show your sentences to a grown-up. Ask them to check that you have hugged the speech with speech-marks and used commas to separate clauses (unless the speech ended with an exclamation mark or question mark).


Fun-Time Extras

Can you write the whole scene between King Midas and his barber? Use your speech sentences and add extra sentences to show what each of the characters is doing.

Right angles in shapes

Timestables - Can you complete in under 5 minutes

Count up timer 5 minutes