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Today is a shorter activity- lucky you!! However, this means that I expect your writing to be knock-your-socks-off beautiful. 


I would like you to complete the activity 'Alien Headlines' on page 10. 


The first question is about prediction, this is what you think would happen. Try to be creative and imaginative. Could you up level one of your adjectives by finding a synonym in a thesaurus? 



Today we are going to be doing some correspondence problems. We are going to have to use our multiplication skills to solve different word problems. These can be quite tricky, and if you rush them and don't read the question correctly, you can end up making silly mistakes. Take your time. 


Watch the video below for some guidance. 

Year 4 - Week 4 - Lesson 1 - Multiplying and dividing problem solving

Afternoon Lesson


Take a few minutes to sit, relax and learn how our breath connects us with the ocean with a world champion free diver! 

How our breath connects us to the ocean