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Now.. don't panic. Today, we are adding fractions with different denominators. 

Hold on.. didn't I just say not to panic? 


You can do this and have all done this in class. It looks tricky but it's actually incredibly simple. 


Let's have a look at one together- this is also the first one from the video. 


2/3 + 4/9 = ?


Now. A silly billy would do this.. 


2/3 + 4/9 = 6/9


That's not right... you can't add the numerators because the denominators are different! Let's change the denominator of one of our fractions so we can add them like we did yesterday when life was simpler! 


2/3- let's make this a fraction with the denominator of 9. Easy peasy. We have to times 3 x 3 to make 9. Whatever we do to the bottom we do to the top in order for it to stay the same amount (equivalent). Let's times 2x3 to get 6. So our new fraction is 6/9. 


6/9 is the same as 2/3. It is equivalent. The same amount of pizza, just different numbers. 6/9 is 6 small pieces of pizza and 2/3 is 2 bigger pieces of pizza! 


Now you can add. 


6/9 + 4/9 = 10/9 which is the same as 1 whole and 1/9 




If you find this tricky to follow I can make a video. :) Watch the one below for more help. 

Year 5 - Week 5 - Lesson 2 - Add fractions



Today I would like you to complete the section called 'Closer reading' on pages 16-17. 


If you have not printed the booklet, you can just write down the words that you think describe Sarah. 

Afternoon Lesson


Take a few minutes to sit, relax and learn how our breath connects us with the ocean with a world champion free diver! 

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