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Today we will be looking at two different poems and trying to recreate our own. I would like you to complete Pages 5 and 6 in your textbook: The Mirror of Wishes and The Mirror of Despair. 


Can you write two poems, one about a group of people looking into a Mirror of Wishes and then the same group of people looking into the Mirror of Despair. 


Pie uses the characters: teacher, sailor, Batman, astronaut, pirate, dragon hunter, writer.


Here are some other ideas for characters: child, chef, prime minister, doctor, police man/woman, Spongebob, Pikachu, train driver, artist. 


Good luck :)



Today we are looking at equivalent fractions. We did this not too long ago in school so you should remember it just fine. 


Equivalent fractions mean two fractions that are made up of different numbers but mean the same amount. 



Can you see that all these fractions are made up of different numbers but actually mean the same amount? 


So, if I said to you... would you like 1/2 of my pizza or 4/8. You would say 'It doesn't matter Miss Brown, they're the same amount!!'


This is where people get muddled. For example, if I asked... Would you like 1/2 of my pizza or 3/8? Many people will choose 3/8 because the numbers are LARGER, however, this is actually a smaller amount. Very cheeky! 


Can you draw 1/2 compared to 3/8? 

Year 5 - Week 4 - Lesson 2 - Equivalent fractions

Afternoon Lesson


The Mirror of Erised is an enchanted mirror found in the Room of Requirement in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Watch this clip below to see Harry Potter looking into the mirror for the first time...

The Mirror of Erised

What do the strange inscriptions mean on the mirror's edge? Click here to find out how to decode it...


I wonder if anybody will understand the mirror's message. 

Today, your task is to show me what the Mirror of Erised would look like to you. 


You could write about it, draw it, paint it, create it out of lego! Whatever you would like. If you were faced with the Mirror of Erised, what would you see?