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Today is Olympic Day! 


Get ready to sweat, as Olympic Day is coming on 23 June!

Participants from all over the world will unite to commemorate the day the International Olympic Committee was founded in 1894.

To celebrate, Olympic Channel is bringing you a brand new home workout video especially for the occasion. Take part alongside Olympic stars like USA gymnast Laurie Hernandez, brilliant biathlete Martin Fourcade, taekwondo supremo Lutalo Muhammad, wrestler Vinesh Phogat, and everyone's favourite Tongan Pita Taufatofua to name just a few!

To make sure you're in tip-top condition for the Olympic Day workout, why not give some of the sessions below a try?

Don't forget to #StayHealthy, #StayStrong, and #StayActive!


If you missed the one you wanted they are saved on their Instagram page - please do this with your parents guidance.


Full schedule of athlete-led live workouts

Check out the full schedule of the athlete-led workouts on @Olympics Instagram and pick your favourite athlete to work out with!

All timings are UTC on 23 June (except where noted).

10 pm (22 June): Pita Taufatofua (Tonga)

11 pm (22 June): Tyla Nathan-Wong (New Zealand)

1 am: Melissa Wu (Australia)

2 am: Yamamoto Seito (Japan)

3 am: Zhang Hong (China)

4 am: Marcus Fernaldi Gideon (Indonesia)

4 am: Jonatan Christie and Anthony Ginting (Indonesia, on the @olympicchannel Instagram)

5 am: Elizabet Tursynbaeva (Kazakhstan)

5:30 am: PV Sindhu (India)

6 am: Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi (Pakistan, on the @olympicchannel Instagram)

8 am: Zeyad Eashash (Jordan, on the @olympicchannel Instagram)

8 am: Margarita Mamun (Russia)

9 am: Cameron van der Burgh (South Africa)

9 am: Johanne Defay (France, on the @olympicchannel Instagram)

9 am: Abdullah Sediqi (Refugee Team, on @refugeeolympicteam Instagram)

10 am: Desire Operanozie (Nigeria)

11 am: Cherif Fall (Senegal)

2 pm: Hugo Calderano (Brazil)

3 pm: Mikel Thomas (Trinidad and Tobago)

4 pm: Rommel Pacheco (Mexico)

5 pm: Natalie Spooner (Canada)

6 pm: Kyla Ross (United States)



1. Read another non-chronological report.
• Read Fifa 19 Review. Do you think the writer liked the game? Why?
• Use the Revision Card to remind yourself about the Features of a Non-Chronological report.
• Highlight and write to mark some of these features on the Fifa 19 Review.

2. Make notes about a game
• Choose one of the CBeebies games. They are designed for younger children. Try playing it, ready to write a report.
• Make notes about it on Game Notes.

3. Now for some writing
• Write a report about the game that you chose. Try to include some of the features of a Non-Chronological Report.

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