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If you have a version of Fantastic Mr Fox (book, e-book, audio book or film) it would be great for children to read, listen to or watch the rest of the book. (I have attached an e-book below) 

1. Reading Fantastic Mr Fox
        o Read the summary of events in the story so far.
        o Read chapter 16 which describes what happens in Bean’s cider cellar.


2. Verbs – Present Perfect Form
        o Watch the presentation on the PowerPoint OR read through the Learning Reminder Verbs - Present Perfect Form.
        o Look back at chapter 16 and find some past tense verbs (hint – look for doing words with –ed endings). Practise changing them into the present perfect form by adding has or have.
       o Complete the present perfect forms activities. Start with activity one, challenge yourself to see if you can do all three!


Try the Fun-Time Extras
o Roald Dahl had a very interesting life. Did you know he was a fighter pilot during the second world war? See if you can find out more information and create a fact sheet about him.

Subtract 3 digit numbers with exchange