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Good Morning


... and a happy Tuesday! Here's a few jokes to make you smile before you start your work. 


Why did the student eat his homework? 


Because the teacher told him it was a piece of cake!


What did the left eye say to the right eye?


Between us, something smells!


Why was the baby strawberry crying?


Because her parents were in a jam! 




Hope that made you smile. :)


Let's get on with our learning...






Today we are going to be working on Activity 8 on pages 12-13. You will be writing a descriptive piece, imagining you are a character coming across a mysterious doorway. Use the grid and examples to help you. Can you use some of the techniques you learned yesterday: semicolons, power of three and adverbs? 




Today, you are going to be subtracting decimals up to 1. Remember the importance of your place value, don't let the decimal point trick you. Imagine it's not there and you can pop it in afterwards if you find it tricky. 'Find the difference' just means to subtract the smaller number from the largest number. 

Lesson 2 - Step 2 - Subtracting decimals within 1

Afternoon Lesson 


Today, I want to think about a fun activity you can share with everyone at your VE Day 'Stay at Home Party'. 


We are going to be learning about codebreaking in WW2- a very important part of why Britain and the Allies won the war. Click here to watch a video all about the amazing codebreaking that happened.


Could you create a special code for your family and friends to try to crack?


Here is one for you to try below:


hotel  echo  lima lima  oscar 

 yankee  echo  alpha  romeo 

 foxtrot  india  victor  echo 

 charlie  alpha  november  

 yankee  oscar  uniform  

 charlie  romeo  alpha  charlie  kilo 

 mike  yankee  

 charlie  oscar  delta  echo 

 india  foxtrot 

 yankee  oscar  uniform  

 uniform  november  delta  echo  romeo  sierra  tango  alpha  november  delta 

 sierra  echo  november  delta  

 mike  echo 

 tango  hotel  echo  

 papa  alpha  sierra sierra  whiskey  oscar  romeo  delta 

 whiskey  hotel  india  charlie  hotel 

 india  sierra 

 mike  alpha  romeo  bravo  lima  echo  sierra