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English - Poetry Day 4

Today, you are going to begin writing new ideas for your own poem about the year. Think about the seasons, colours, weather or events linked to the month. Then think about rhyming couplets for each line, similar to the model text. 


7. Consider other events that the months bring. Include colours or noun phrases associated with them. e.g. January brings dark nights,

February brings Valentine’s Day,

March brings a hint of spring.


8. Turn each month into a rhyming couplet. The first line should tell us the months and what they bring. The second line gives us more detail about the month and the event. Put the easiest word to rhyme at the end of the line.

e.g. January brings dark nights
Hats and scarves and woolly tights.


Remember you can do a rhyming box to help you think of words that rhyme. See below: 


mould      bold      sold      rolled      fold      gold      behold     old 


form    swarm      storm       conform     norm      transform      perform


Practise reading your poem aloud. Decide which words need volume and emphasis. Perform to a family member and/or record (as an audio file) to send into school so that I can listen. You may wish to publish (handwrite, illustrate and decorate) your final poem. Don’t forget to edit and proof-read!

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